Zento Ya the Second
Character Information
Nickname(s) Z2, Kid
Author Syntyche
Creation Concept: 11-6-05, Born: August 2008
Race Half Nefolian, Half Arweinydd (Sygnus)
Origins Baron, BS Dimension
Gender Male
Hair Color Black with a White Stripe
Eye Color Green
Father TsuYaTai
Mother Zazo
Residence Baron, BS Dimension
Birthday August 3

Zento, or Z2 as he is generally referred to, is the Sygnus child of Zazo and TsuYaTai. In appearance, he resembles his father greatly, with the same dark hair that Tai has inherited from his marked state. However, he also has the same long white stripe of hair that Tai carried as TsuMeTai. What it means is still unknown.

However, unlike his father, Zento tends to be loud, daring and mischievous. He is curious about everything, often using his innate magic abilities to get him in trouble.