Turlough Dreigiau
Character Information
Nickname(s) Luck
Author Aywren
Creation September 22, 2009
Race Lunar/Arweinydd
Origins Borderlands
Gender Male
Hair Color Fire Opal White
Eye Color Teal Green
Father Zemi Dreigiau
Mother AsaHi Ya
Residence Borderlands
Birthday September 22

The youngest child, a surprise baby, of the Dreigiau family. The son of Zemi Dreigiau and AsaHi Dreigiau, he has one older brother (M-KluYa) and three half-brothers (FuSoYa, Sero Dreigiau, Sedo Dreigiau).

Luck is a friendly child who has his mother's curiosity and his father's charm.  

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Possible future Dragon form, though not yet confirmed. 

Interesting FactsEdit