The Sun Kingdom, is a now-extinct ancient nation in the BS Dimension. More of an magocracy/empire than a kingdom, the Sun Kingdom was the dominant seat of power in the world before the Great Cataclysm. Dragons, elves and humans were said to live together amongst the large cities of the empire. The subsequent war and destruction all but erased the memory of the nation, leaving the once great centers of population, culture, and knowledge nothing more than piles of rubble.

In the current times, little is known or remembered about the people of the sun, though pockets of their culture remain hidden and intact across many sites of the world. It is these legendary troves that are the often the dreams of many treasure hunters, though even the most ancient of texts give no direction. It has become apparent that one of the largest cities was located close to Baron, as many of the oldest stones for the Baronian castle and portions of the extensive Baronian Waterways were part of the infrastructure of a much larger city.

While most perished during the cataclysm, it is rumored that some creatures have preserved themselves through magical means.

Ben encountered one of the preserved individuals known as Ist upon one of the mountains near Mt. Ordeals, and freed him from his sleep.

Dragons from that time are also said to exist in the shrouded Dragonmire Swamps to the far east of Mysidia, kept from death by unnatural, dark magics which preserve their bodies from decay. Few who venture these swamps return to tell the tale, so the rumors remain officially unconfirmed.

Known individuals from the Sun Kingdom include:

  • Ist III, powerful human mage-ruler of the Sun Kingdom (or part of it).
  • Ist V, the grandson of Ist, currently residing in Fabul.
  • Dreamrot, a lich-type dragon living in the Dragonmire Swamps.