Character Information
Author Aywren
Creation October 10, 2007
Race Nefolian
Origins Inner Realms
Gender Male
Height 4'7"
Hair Color White
Eye Color Green
Significant Other KiMaRuTu
Children KiNaTu
Occupation Scientist
Residence Nefol

The youngest member of the Founding Fathers of Nefol, NaDo's closest friends were ZenToYa and JinRai. Energetic, eccentric and quick-minded, NaDo was leaps and bounds ahead of his time in terms of developing technology for the Nefolian world. His skill was quickly identified by Zemi Dreigiau, and he was given the resources and materials to make his magic happen.

After Zento's banishment from Nefol, NaDo stationed himself in the Outter Realms, studying the mysteries of the Vision Stone at Shellab 1.0. During that time, he married Maru, and they had a son, KiNaTu.

NaDo gave his life during the final battle at the Vision Stone to ensure the rest of the Nefolians could escape the wrath of the Dark Sygnus Luccious. However, he and Maru were swept into the Mists by Luccious' powers, rather than completely passing away from the living world. Years later, by the power and compassion of Luccious, they were able to return in spirit form and visit their son and his family on the Blue Planet. This changes, however, when NaDo falls into an adventure of his own.

NaDo Meets the Ghost ClanEdit

In an attempt to protect the newly rebuilt Nefol from the uprising of the Ghost Clan, NaDo volunteered to infiltrate the camp as a spy. His plan worked a little too well, for he was taken in and turned into one of the Ghost Clan, who was recruiting all willing persons in attempt to increase their number. This broke his connection to the Mists and Luccious' powers, but also gave him freedom from the spirit world and effectively restored him to the living world.

During this adventure, he befriended the scientist wing of the Ghost Clan, including one of the leader's sons, Wyro, and his significant other, Anyu. After finally revealing his true identity as one of the founders of Nefol, their enemy city, he worked to patch and form relationships with the friendly Ghost Clan, who eventually were forced to flee to Nefol for safety.

On this adventure, NaDo also met Risan, a rather grouchy Awakened warrior who was trapped in the Mists and defected to the Ghost Clan to earn his freedom.

NaDo does return to a non Ghost Clan form, later, and currently resides at Shellab 1.0 with Maru. 

Interesting FactsEdit

  • NaDo's name means "et cetera" or "and so forth" in Japanese.
  • Like his son, NaDo has an obsession with flying. However, his wing was shredded during an encounter with KoGuRai, rendering him unable to fly. 

Concept ArtEdit


Concept Design, First NaDo Sketch