Character Information
Nickname(s) Maru
Author Aywren
Creation November 19, 2007
Race Nefolian
Origins Inner Realms
Gender Female
Height 4'5"
Hair Color White
Eye Color Green
Significant Other NaDoTu
Children KiNaTu (Kip)
Occupation Scientist, Mind Mage
Residence Nefol

KiMaRu (Maru) was a Nefolian scientist that worked alongside of NaDoTu in studying the Vision Stone at the Shellab 1.0.

She was also a Mind Mage, though the extent of her skills were not really well known. She eventually fell in love with NaDo, married him and had one son, KiNaTu. She died in an effort to ensure that the Nefolian people were able to escape the attack by the Dark Sygnus Luccious. However, like her husband, she was drawn into the Mists by Luccious' powers, and did not fully pass away from the living world.

For a time, she relied on Luccious' help to reappear on the Blue Planet to visit her son and his family at Sam's Tavern and Inn. Later, after Luccious' connection with many of the spirits were broken, she became free to move about on her own, taking up residence in the newly rebuilt Nefol.

Concept ArtEdit


First and Only Colored Picture of Maru