Hybrids (between races) are a rare-occurrence on the Blue Planet, however because of genetic similarity or magical means, hybrid-mixes do occur. Many races have been known to be compatible for producing mixed offspring, however, records of such mixed race individuals have been lost to history. 

Half-Lunar/Half-Human Hybrids

Half-Lunars are the offspring of a Lunar and Human pairing. By far, the half-lunar plays one of the most important hybrids in both dimensions. Because of the genetic similarity between humans and lunars, several instances of half-lunar offspring have occurred on the Blue Planet. For unexplained reasons, most of the half-lunar offspring have been males; it is unknown if this is a particular effect of the pairing.

Physical Characteristics

Half-Lunars often have a mix of characteristics of both parents, and can pass for human in most cases. In particular, all half-lunars have been known to inherit the green eyes of their Lunar parent. Half-Lunars take on a number of physical appearances and traits, though many possess the high cheekbones and sharp features of their Lunar parent. Some share the white hair of their parentage, others simply have white streaks, and yet some do not have white hair at all. Some half-lunars have also shown other physical abnormalities, such as abnormally tall or short stature, unusual skin markings and other small peculiarities. In all cases, half-lunars have been quite successful passing for human, facing little of the prejudice that is given to their alien parents. Like their Lunar parents, they often mature quickly, speaking in coherent full-sentences before the age of 2, and reaching full adult stature by the age of 12-14. Half-Lunars have free-will and are capable of doing good or evil, and a myriad of personalities.

Many half-lunars possess vast magical and physical talent, inheriting both the raw physical strength, endurance and adaptability of their human parent, along with the raw magical potential that is often possessed by their Lunar parent. In many cases, special abilities that are possessed by the Lunar parent are passed on to their children. Whether or not this continues to be passed on to further generations is yet to be observed.

Culture & Standing

Because of their special powers, it is not unexpected that half-lunars have reached positions of power. In particular, half-lunars have been leaders of nations, legendary warriors, and feared tyrants. In some cases, half-lunars remain unaware of the origins, and simply blend into human society. Many Lunarians are unsure of how to view half-lunars, depending on how closely they relate to the humans of the Blue Planet. Some view half-lunars as nothing but abominations and half-bred sub-persons. Others fear the apparent hybrid-vigor and talents of these wild creatures. Many Lunars remain unaware of the existence of these individuals, and do not even know that Lunars and humans are compatible.

List of Half-Lunars (Bluestar)

Wa Line

  • Absalom (M, Deceased)
  • Milon I (M, Deceased)  

Drake Family

  • Job (M, Deceased)
  • Junior (M)
  • Bernice (F)

Ya Family

  • Zeb (M)
  • Cecil (M)