Dragon Haven
Nation Information
Type Colony
Ruler Zoe Dragon
Capital Shellab 2.0
Location Outter Lands
Planet Nefolian World
Dimension Darkstar Dimension
Inhabitants Dragon-kin
Language Common
Technology Low
Allies Nefol, Lunar Colony, Blue Planet Kingdoms

The Dragon Haven is a small colony that is home to the last remaining Dragon-kin from the Time Before. It is ruled by the Wingleader Zoe and the Seer Dunstan. The central point of the colony is located at the previously abandoned Shellab 1.0 and is within close proximity to the mysterious Vision Stone.

Thanks to Zoe's curiosity, diplomacy and open-mindedness, the colony has good relations with the kingdoms of the Blue Planet and the New Lunar Homeworld. It has shaky connections to the Orenites, a seafaring people who make their home across the bay. The Dragon-kin live mostly off of the sea fish and creatures within the sub-tropical forests that surround them. They remain welcoming to Humans, Lunars and Nefolians.

It is uncertain why, but there have not been any young Dragon-kin born, with the exception of Zoe, since the Dragon-Kin arrived in the Nefolian world. Some attribute it to the proximity of the Vision Stone. No matter the reason, it is a grave concern for the future survival of the colony and succession of the Matron family line.